PEI adhesive Less aggressive than 468mp?

I needed to change my PEI (self sourced not the thinner stuff from Lulzbot) and spent close to 4 hours getting the old one off and cleaning the goo off the glass. Lots of heat, pulling and then orange oil and acetone, scraper and a full roll of paper towels later I finally got the glass and heater all cleaned up.

Needless to say that was way too much work and nasty to do again. I think the 468mp is way too aggressive to use again and wondering if anybody had good luck with another easier to remove adhesive tape?

Usually placing the bed in the freezer for about 15 minutes, the plastic will separate from the adhesive film pretty easy. Or at least on all the times I have replaced the sheets on.

Hmm… Didn’t think to try the freezer. I will at least try that next time instead of heat.

Once you have the PEI sheet off, try an adhesive remover such as “Rapid Remover”. This was recommended by someone at AO or I-T-W (I forget which). I got mine from Amazon, but Wallmart sometimes has it, or a local hardware store may have something similar.

Between the freezer trick and the rapid remover, I got my PEI sheet off in and the bed completely clean the first time I had ever changed one in about 40 minutes (not including time spent in the freezer) - and that was just puttering around with it, not trying to get things done quickly or efficiently.

To be on the safe side, I cleaned the bed with rubbing alcohol to make sure I got all the adhesive remover off before I put the new PEI down.

“Rapid Remover”

Pretty sure the is almost the same as the orange oil stuff I used (De-Solv-It). It’s great on glues but still took a long time and lots of goop

It might be the same, but for the Rapid Remover, I just sprayed on a light coat, let it sit for 60 seconds, then wiped off the adhesive with a paper towel. That got 95-99% of the adhesive off in a few seconds of wiping. I went back with a single-edged razor blade and scraped the rest off, but even with the razor it was more wiping than scraping and only took about another minute or two.

OK thanks i’ll try that next time

I was careful to keep the solvent just up on the top surface. I’m not sure what it would do to the insulation on the wires or the heated bed pad.

It doesn’t take much I ordered something close to a quart bottle. Should have ordered much smaller.

Less aggressive than 468MP… try 467MP.

The difference is in the thickness of the adhesive, 2.3mil versus 5.3mil according to this spec sheet.