Replacing PEI sheet on Mini

Hi all,

I damaged by PEI sheet on my Mini and just got the replacement from Lulzbot. In removing the damaged one, I heated up the plate to pull it off. Wondering if I should lay the new one down with the plate heated as well? or should I do it while cold?

Just want to make sure I do this correctly. Any tips are greatly appreciated.


Did the new one come with a new sheet of adhesive? Either way you generally want to fully remove the old adhesive first, then apply the new bed. I find applying them with the bed cold makes them easier to handle and get all the air voids out of the plastic as it goes down.

Thanks. Yes, it does have a sticky back, so I will make sure to remove the remainder of the adhesive still on the plate. I appreciate the thoughts.

Lulzbot was nice enough to make a guide:

We’ve found that freezing the bed also makes the PEI pull off the adhesive more easily. Citrus cleaners like Goo Gone also work to remove the adhesive.