PET (Recycled bottles)?

I am looking at getting a TAZ 4 within the next week.

One thing I was wondering about is if anyone has or is using recycled PET [1] plastics from things like soda bottles. I am also looking into various filament extruders as a way to cut costs on supplies. With a couple granddaughters living with us, we do have a nice supply of PET bottles from juices to soda.

So, has anyone had exieriece with the Taz 4 and recycled PET? How did it work out for you for quality and feeding issues?

Two important things for good filament are diameter consistency and homogeneity. There are a number of desktop filament extruders but typically they aren’t as good in these respects as the industrial extruders used to make most consumer-grade 3d printing filament. To get the quality of filament required to achieve the TAZ’s resolution and accuracy spec’s listed on the site, it would likely require an industrial extruder, which means you are going to have to do a LOT of printing to save money over just buying filament.

I’ve used filament from a desktop filament extruder. It wasn’t as good as the normal stuff.

I do appreciate the reply, thank you for your thoughts.

You said you have used filament from desktop extruders and stated it wasn’t as good. But was it useable? Did it work even if it wasn’t as good. I see no reason not to use it for test prints, just fooling around, etc where ultimate build quality is not an issue. Maybe as bridge/filler material where looks isnt an issue. I am likely to get a dual extruder head anyway so that is an option open to me. I wasn’t looking at it as a total replacement but more as an alternate source of usable material. And its basically free outside the energy costs to run the extruder.

I just thought it would be a useful source to draw on in the case where you are printing fast/low rez just to bang something out to see if it will work/fit/etc. Then save the commercial filament material for the final print. Not a wise solution? Or is it even worth it? I mean seriously, PET goes for around $40 a pound in 3mm. I can produce second hand filament for a buck or two in electricity. Even if I am just using it for fill material, its still cost savings. No?

The one I am considering is the EB2 Filament Extruder. It seems to have good reviews and fast extrude speeds and will accept a variety of source materials.

That might be okay if you are looking for rough fit. For fine things like tolerance fits, I find those change from filament to filament. Sizing that kind of thing will not work very well with cheap/poor filament, especially if one of your problems is poor tolerance on filament diameter. This will cause uneven filament extrusion which will definitely impact things like wall thickness, which will change inner diameters of holes and make small changes to overall part size.

I was more about printing test pieces for look. Also single piece designs where fit is not an issue. Like single piece toys. Cookie cutters, etc.

And, let me get to it, things to shoot at on the range. I don’t care what its fit is, its about to have bullet holes in it if you get my drift. Scrap certainly is an option here no? Also, since PET is considered biodegradable, if I miss a piece or two during clean up at the range, at least it will degrade over time. ABS and PLA won’t AFAIK.