PETG Clumping on Nozzle

Brand new to this forum (I hope it’s still active).
I have a problem with my Qidi X-Plus. I’ve been printing on PLA and everything has been going great. However we need to switch to PETG as it is a stronger material (and my boss impulse bought 6 rolls of it). I can’t even get a print off with it because it just clumps up on the nozzle and takes everything it tries to print with it :(. My boss needs results and I’m at my wits end. I tried increasing the z-axis offset in .1 increments all the way up to .3. My nozzle temperature is 220 c and my build plate temperature is 80 c. Please share the infinite wisdom y’all seem to have.

Your nozzle temp is way too low for PETG. I’ve had excellent adhesion with nozzle 230-245c and bed temp 85-90c.

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