PolyMaker PolyLite PETG Failure

I’m printing on my LulzBot Mini with an aerostruder and nozzle x installed. I purchased PETG from Polymaker and I’m struggling to get a good print. I am using simplify 3D but I also tried using Cura lulzbot addition PETG profiles. I’m not sure what is causing this artifact seen in the picture I attached. I am printing at a higher temperature and lower fan speed due to using the nozzle x instead of the brass. Results improved after the temperature changes and slowing down the print speed.

*The small gaps in the plastic might be hard to see. I had to blow up the picture to see them on my screen. They are much easier to see in person.

The first thing you’ll want to do is change the nozzle diameter and line width in Cura. You’ll want to get into your Machine Settings, click on the Hot End tab and change the diameter of the nozzle to whatever diameter Nozzle-X nozzle you bought.

Then in your Custom settings in the Quality section, you’ll want to change your Line Width to the diameter of your nozzle. You may also want to change your layer height to half the diameter of the nozzle.

If you’re still getting lines then try slowing down your print speed.