PETG Post Processing?

As of yesterday I switched to PETG, and I must say, it is awesome! Switching PETG (from ABS and HIPS) has solved 99% of my printing woes. I do get some stinging, which I believe can be resolved with some more temperature tweaking.

My question to the group is, do you guys know if there are post printing technics to smooth out PETG? I know with ABS you can use acetone vapors. Anything like that for PETG?


Most likely candidate would be MEK. I suspect that the results would not be that good. Petg reacts slower to solvent than ABS. You would also probably get white clouding, and finally, I wouldn’t want to be around MEK vapors.

I would recommend that for most filaments you use something like XTC-3D.

Things like vapor baths/chambers take away material and it’s very uncontrolled and uneven. Sand down where you can, bondo where needed, coat with a two part epoxy like XTC-3D, wet sand and paint if desired. This adds to the print, makes it much stronger, smooths it out, and gives you a professional finish. The only downside is it takes considerable more time than the vapor method.

PET does sand well. It takes work, but with sanding and clear-coat, you can get great results. While the knife handle was printed on my non taz printer, it’s two PET material print, and sanded , coated wet-sanded…

That looks really nice Catz! Thanks for sharing.