PLA first layer problems

I’ve gotten great results with ABS, but PLA is stumping me.

The perimeters lay down great, and the infill starts fine, but then it starts rippling.

I tried uploading the .ini but the forum said it’s not allowed. It’s the spiral-config-102 with the only change being that the first layer height is 0.3mm.

Twisted_Vase_Basic.stl (30.6 KB)
Twisted_Vase_Basic.gcode (974 KB)

I’m a fan of printing with PLA on a heated(60C), bare, clean sheet of glass right on the existing print surface. You can also print directly on blue painters tape. you may want to increase your first layer temperature a little bit and bring it back down to your usual extrusion temperature.

You can upload *.ini files now, sorry about that!

I’m printing right onto the PET film that it comes with at 60 degrees, and also tried 61. I’m extruding at 185; so try 187 or so for the first layer? I tried painters tape but adhesion was less reliable.
spiral-config-102s.ini (2.8 KB)

Your layer height is really, really low, at 0.075. You’ll want to try a larger layer height for now, and dial it down once you are comfortable. Try 0.2mm for now.

Well, yea, but it’s not making it past the first layer, which is 0.3mm.

I’m doing 0.075 specifically to test its capabilities.

Some users have encountered flaking or delamination when removing parts when printing on bare glass. We recommend printing with either the stock PET surface, or with the new PEI print surface that some of our more advanced users are using with great success.