PLA (from Lulzbot) not adhering to bed on small parts

I have a small part which has a 5mm x 40mm base. It is only meant to be 5mm high, but with the Lulzbot PLA (green), the object lifts from the bed after about 10-15 layers and sticks to the extruder.
I’m using Bed temp of 70 and extruder temp of 190.
I had been printing with Gizmo Dorks PLA - which has a more translucent ending look and not having this problem with the same object…
Any ideas on how to improve andhesion for small parts like this?

Lulzjuice solved that issue for me. PET surface, Lulzbot PLA, Lulzjuice, bed temp 60.

Also, I’ve taken to putting a 5mm brim on anything I print. not really needed on the larger parts I’m doing but I got into the habit when fighting ABS. On something small like you’re doing it might help.

Another thing you might consider is Kaptan tape instead of PET. We use it on our Cubex (with heated glass bed). The same tape has been on the bed for 500++ parts and PLA adhesion is not an issue even without any glue. We bought a 4 inch roll of the stuff.

Very helpful - thanks!
I tried a bit of elmers wood glue mixed with water - very light coat on top of the PET/Glass heated to 60C… seems to work well so far - but haven’t tried that same tiny part yet.