PLA stuck in print head

I have a new Taz 5 with the 0.5 nozzle. I have a PLA jam that I can’t clear. Any suggestions other than taking it entirely apart? thanks!

to be clear, it will not move at all, I read somewhere that someone had to use a pair of plyers to remove it. Its brand new (had it 2 days) so I don’t want to break it but how do I get it out?

I have been trying all day to get a part to print without warping so I am guessing I (from forum reading) I have swelled PLA in the head. thanks for any help or advice

So you’ve heated up the hotend, unlatched the idler, and tried to pull the filament out… Try a higher hotend temp to make sure the filament is molten.

If its swollen in the heatsink, try pushing the filament through. Heat up hotend, make sure idler is unlatched, push the filament for 10-20mm.

Have you printed anything with the printer? Are you sure the filament is PLA? :slight_smile:

With a machine that new, you should contact support before disassembling anything. Lulzbot has an excellent support group. They will help you out.