Installing a USB hub in the Control box

I’m looking to mount a USB hub inside my control box to make a nice clean assembly. Mechanically I have no problem, I can machine the box so the ports on the hub can be accessed. What I need is a 5v point to power the hub by. Can anyone point me toward where I can get 5v from inside the control box?

On the Taz 5 the 5v header is occupied by the small extruder fan. I’m not sure it would even provide the current needed to power a hub. Honestly though, there isn’t really enough room inside the housing for a powered hub and associated wiring. Maybe try designing / modifying an existing case to better suit your needs.

Here are a few ideas to start with:

There’s actually plenty of room for it, once the plastic housing is removed a USB hub is pretty small.
Does anyone have an idea of where to get either 12 volts or 5 volts, or what the rating is for the 5v fan header?

I am not sure there is a 12V supply anywhere on the board. The “12V” is the 24V supply actually, since around Taz 2 days when they changed to a 24V supply.

The 5V and 24V on the RAMBo Logic are both fused for 5 Amps. and the 5V switching regulator is spec’ed for 3.5A out. But I figure it would get very hot if you tried to pull that much current and the fuse let you.

Thanks. I guess I’ll just have to regulate 5v off the 24v. Thanks for the help.