Plastics for Replacement Parts

Hello all,

What type of plastics are recommended for printing replacement parts?


Extruder Body
Large Herringbone Gear
Small Herringbone Gear
Extruder mount
Extruder Washer

I’ve been using PLA - not sure if it may be too brittle for long-term use for the gears.

Thanks in advance!

ABS plastic is reccommended simply because it can take higher temperatures and is somewhat stronger. Especially anything around the hot end of the extruder itself. Be aware that switching fillament types especially from ABS back to PLA, you can experiance what appears to be a jammed extruder due to the differences in melting temperatures, if not all of the ABS is out of the nozzle bore when you next try to print. If you run into that situation, extrude the PLA at ABS temperatures for a few minutes until any remaining ABS has been expelled, then lower the temperature back to normal PLA printing temperatures. It’s generally not an issue going from PLA to ABS.

PLA gears will work, ABS gears will last alot longer.

Thank you piercet! Much appreciated feedback.

You’re welcome!