Extruder Herringbone Gear Material

I am replacing quite a few of the components on my stock extruder due to what I assume is normal wear and tear. In addition to the printed parts of the extruder body, mount and idler, which have cracks and other issues with them, my bright green herringbone gears are worn. I have two questions that I’m trying to find answers to.

First, I don’t know what the material is for the stock Lulzbot Green gears is. By that I mean specifically or even generally. Second, in the Store, it appears that the replacement large gear is now black, so I’d like to know if it has changed from my stock green one in anything other than color.

My normal use of my printer is with ABS or PETG, and as a result of the ABS it lives inside a large heated enclosure, so I want to make sure that all of it is compatible with a 60°C ambient.
(Note that I route the cooling air for the electronics in and out through airways, so it isn’t baking them.)

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Sorry I cannot offer any help, hopefully somebody in the know drops in.

I was thinking about doing exactly that recently. I assume it is working out well for you. Did you design your own controller enclosure with ducting? Does your controller control the printer enclosures ambient temp?

Yeah, I designed my own enclosure and it is very simple - I recommend it to anyone with enough space. First, note that everything is inside the volume, including filament. That made it all simple. Next key is that the walls are made of foam board. At $7 a 20" x 30" sheet, it is hard to beat. Then printed brackets and hinges out of ABS and use a couple of thin Lexan sheets as doors. Cheap flexible magnetic strips hold things closed and some hot melt glue to seal things up tight. The four corner brackets have an internal flange with a hole for a wood screw. A mouse hole in the rear for all the wiring.

LED light strips are mounted inside above the front doors and I’ve got a combination heater and active carbon filter for ABS fumes. That last bit was a game changer, since at some point I realized I was breathing in bad stuff. And to your question, the heater element is on a wirelessly controlled thermostat. The fans run all the time, but the element cycles on and off. I can hold 60C with the help of the heated bed, 50C without. So, I even use the enclosure to dry out PETG, even though it gets printed with the heater off.

I have pics somewhere, but it’s been a while so let me know and I will upload a couple.

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Well last time I printed a plate of them I used ABS like the production file I use does. But I have also printed them with PETg, so whichever of those two should work just fine. I use the production gcode file to make sure I used the same infill and perimeters as it shipped out with. If you do not know what they used I can try and look up one of my old slicing files and see what they used at the time., but think it was around 30% infill and 4 outside layers off the top of my head. Well I did print a polycarbonate set once for a Flexible extruder - for fun! Might still have it somewhere in my pile. :blush:

The factory gears are ABS, however you can use other materials as well. I replaced the ones on my TAZ 3 and TAZ 4 with Taulman Nylon 645, which is slipperier and tougher than ABS.

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