Please help Taz 5 shakes

Attached is a video of what my Taz 5 is doing. It just shakes on the X axis, started 2 days ago. How do I fix it? (1.35 MB)

It’s your x motor. It’s either got a loose setscrew on the X motor pulley, a broken motor shaft, or the wire harness is partially disconnected and only half of the magnet pair is working.

Does anyone know how to or where to send a (2) Rambo 1.3 boards for repair? I have two that are suffering from the exact same thing… The X driver seems to have stopped working.

I replaced the motor with a brand new one and did continuity tests through the wires. Still have the same issue.

contact and see if they have a repair / refurbish program. If they don’t, then your other best bet would be to talk to ultimachine and see what the warranty on them is.

thank you for helping me, in the case I do need a new motherboard do you have any recommendations?

The Rambo 1.3L is a pretty nice board usually, and a direct replacement for a stock Taz board using a stock firmware. If you want something with more horsepower, you can look at things like the Smoothieboard or the Duet or The Alligator board, or that beaglebone one. The main issue you will run into is lack of support and existing ported firmware. It’s certanly a doable project, but it is a largeish undertaking. and many of the offerings are not yet what I would consider complete packages. Many of the more powerful ones have yet to be fitted with LCD modules, or lack sensor inputs, etc.

I plan on replacing my electronics someday, but I’m not sure with what yet.

the answer to my problem… was a broken wire. The connection point from the motor to the first jumper wire, replaced the whole connection point. and all is fixed.