Taz 5 x-axis movement failure - busted board?

Hi All,

My Taz 5 x-axis stopped rotating the stepper motor, and I am worried the board is broken. It precipitated with the x-axis stepper motor axel snaping during a print, and when I tried to fix it with a new stepper motor, I noticed that the stepper motor wasn’t turning when I moved it using the screen and dial. The motor tries to roatate but can only seem to move a millimeter before going back.

I pluged the x-axis cable into the into the y-axis motor (which is working fine) to see if it was a some sort of board issue, and I got the same results where it tries to move but just can’t.

Has anyone had this problem does it just mean i need a new board or is there some way to fix this? Or does someone think it is something else. I would love for it to be something esle so I don’t have to buy a new board.