Possible to save the leveling grid instead of repeating every print?

I’m curious as to whether it’s possible to auto-level and save the results, as opposed to running auto-level before each and every print.



I once found this blog. Still a bit faint of heart to try and recompile firmware myself:

Thanks for the link. Yeah, I don’t mind doing that on a home-built but don’t want to be that intrusive on this one. Seems like a feature Lulzbot should seriously consider adding.

The only problem I see is that there’s a lot of travel between Z-home and bed and thus a lot of room for error on consecutive prints. Much less so between washers and bed. So, alhough time consuming, I think I’ll stick with G29 for the time being.

I’ve taken a half-measure approach to this: I got tired of waiting for the autolevel (and very meticulously cleaning the nozzle to not make it fail every time) so I’ve removed the auto-level G-code from my prints. Instead, I have the auto-level code saved as a separate script that I can run once when I start up the printer and then after that I trust that the leveling has not changed. If you are doing many consecutive prints, this saves quite a bit of time.