Posts Responded with "Reach out to the support team" Question

I am very new to the forum and please forgive my NOOB-ish-ness, if this has been asked before.

When @orias posts to a topic, “please send a video to support”, does the answer ever gets posted back to the OPs thread? If not, then that makes little sense as it doesn’t help anyone else.

There are many problems that require some additional information and/or some one-on-one interaction. IMO, the support team does an excellent job of identifying when to take a problem “off-line” and work to resolve it. If you are having the same problem as someone else and the support team got involved one-on-one, take the hint and send your similar supporting documentation to the support team and I’m sure they will do their best to help you resolve your issue. They are available 24/7 by phone or email.

Thank you for the info!

As b-morgan mentioned, we like to push some requests for help to the experts in the Technical Support department. This lets us have a history of troubleshooting and allows for more real-time guidance if needed. It also lets our newer users know that they have access to LulzBot 3D Printer experts seven days a week.

We are very proud of the passion and knowledge that our users share here in the the forum and in other online communities.

You all are fast, knowledgeable ninjas when it comes to sharing information and experience. ::fistbump::