Lulzbot Service Response

I’m new to the 3D printing experience and just recently got my first TAZ printer the other day. I am having a major problem with it and have contacted Lulzbot via email (I’m located in the Middle East). However I get no response from anyone. I’m emailed every email address I can find, with no avail.

Is this a known problem?

No, they’re usually pretty good about replying to e-mails, and they do answer forum posts here. What kind of issue are you encountering?


You should be able to reach them @:

Make sure to check your spam folders/settings to be certain that your not filtering out any response from Lulzbot.

Hello Gudjon,

Thank you for bearing with us, we are working towards resolving the issues you’ve encountered. I understand there have been some problems in receiving return emails, but we should be able to move forward in getting your printer sorted out.

If we can help with anything else, be sure to drop us a line!