Power Switch Cover/Guard

Has anyone designed a cover/guard for the power switch for the Lulzbot printers? I’ve bumped mine too many times while working around the machines mid-print. You don’t have to touch the switch very hard at all to kill the print. Just a little nudge is all it takes. I’d love to see some sort of hinged flap that guards the switch from bumping.


This sounds like a pretty good design challenge! I tried to design it so you wouldn’t need any external hardware of glue. It fits pretty snug around the power switch’s frame but sideway forces may be a little too much for a tight fit design. A little dab of glue might do you good. Try it out and let us know how it works for you. Feedback and suggestions are welcome.

I tested the print with PLA at 90% flow. Print with whatever material you can achieve good dimensional accuracy.
Power Switch Cover.STL (113 KB)
Power Switch Frame.STL (102 KB)