Pre assembled upgrades for sale?

Is there some place or someone that sells pre assembled TAZ5 upgrades especially for the X axis and Z wobble?
For me the problem is not printing the parts needed (of course) but finding the other parts across the web, so I’ll be glad to pay someone for pre assembled upgrades

Thank you in advence :wink:

I sell them, I am currently out of metal backplate and will need to get more cut, but I can produce all the other parts at the moment. Also I designed them, so there is that heh. My rates are not inexpensive, but if you are interested in San send you the price list.

I’ve sent you a PM :slight_smile:

Piercet I am just looking to upgrade my z axis with your upgrade how much for the parts minus the 2020 extrusion which I already have thank you in advance

I am currently working on a new type of z probe which can also be outfitted to be used as an endstop as well.
it’'s about 90% done, I just have to finalize my models and get some pictures and videos going and I’ll have it posted.
I will also be putting together some assembled probes for anyone that is interested in purchasing some.

Just want to vouch for Piercet. I didnt have the time to source everything. I upgraded my x and y axis. Was a good experience.