Preserving profiles across Cura upgrade

So whoever is responsible for writing their (apparently un-versioned) settings into ~/Library/App Support has put down their kombucha, picked up their hacky sack and left the building, but not before leaving a dire warning atop the downloads page:

Upgrading? Clean Your Cache!
The commands below will delete the older slicing profiles and 3D printer settings from previous versions of Cura LulzBot Edition. Back up the files and folders listed below first if any customizations have been made.
Open Terminal and run the following command:
rm -rf ~/Library/Application\ Support/cura-lulzbot

So it’s up to me, the customer who paid $2,500 for this machine to intuit which of these internal files I’m to keep, and which were so dangerous I needed to throw rm -rf around in a terminal window.

So which files should I keep? Should I grep around in there for custom profile names? When you threw this warning up and made it my problem, what were you expecting me to do?

Pretty much what I am thinking.

I would strongly advise against anyone deleting that well established setup you have running already, in blind faith that the company has got your back on the new line of Cura.

My own experience with it, was that of an alpha test programme. New times indeed.

Thank you to the Lulzbot team for times gone by, where I could buy and run a mini with working sw and a huge lib of working profiles - and even open source - ready to run without tinkering, and with support to keep that setup going with help, parts and well working updates.

It was a pretty unique combo well worth the premium - in my oppinion - and I am sad to see it gone.

In all fairness, you are complaining about alpha and beta release restrictions, not a release (2.6.69) to release (3.2.?) restriction. Voicing your opinion about this alpha to beta restriction is OK, but be positive. It lets the developers know that the issue is important and a solution would be desirable before the new version is released.

What alpha/beta? I was going from one version of 2.6 to another. They both came off the regular download page.