Cura 3.6.30 Mac edition not loading

Hello everyone,

I just downloaded the newest version for mac and it crashes on the loading screen on startup.

I uninstalled the previous version and cleared caches before running the newest version. I’m on OS 12.1.

Is this happening to anyone else?

I beta-tested this and also have the production version. I’m not seeing this.

However … I have a TAZ Pro and a TAZ Workhorse. The Workhorse has four different toolheads (SL 0.25, HE 0.5, HS 0.8, and HS+ 1.2). I discovered that when I selected the HE 0.5 toolhead profile Cura LE would immediately crash. But ONLY on that particular profile … no others.

I deleted that printer/tool-head combo and re-created it and have been fine ever since.

In macOS, the definitions are located in

~/Library/Application Support/cura-lulzbot/3.6

(In Unix operating system the tilde ~ is the short-cut for the user’s home directory … e.g. /Users/your-user-name)

If you are running into the same issue and you only have the one printer definition then you might need to delete/hide it. I think these are found in the “machine instances” sub-folder. Rather than straight-up deleting it … just move the definition to another folder (such as your Desktop) temporarily … then see if you can launch Cura. If that gets around the problem, then re-add your printer definition (and you can permanently delete the bad one.)