Prime tower brim options

hey guys so this is cura 4.3 where prime tower has its own option to create a brim on how big you would like to have it. i notice curalulzbot does not have this option… is this in the works or is this in some update i dont know about ?


CuraLE lags behind Ultimaker Cura by a large margin. IMO, it will probably never catch up.

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Anyone have a way to add the lulzbot taz pro to cura 4.7 ? It wasn’t on the list of printers at all

None of the LulzBot printers are pre-configured in Ultimaker Cura. You go to Settings, Printer, Add Printer…, Add a non-networked printer, Custom, Custom FFF printer, Add, and fill in the data. You get the answers to most of the fields from CuraLE.

Ultimaker considers Aleph (and now Fame) as a competitor. IMO, the current CuraLE development staff would be better utilized if management at Fame made up with management at Ultimaker and the development staff spent their time integrating the LulzBot printers into Ultimaker Cura.


:wink: Totally sounds like a great idea.

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This option would have my prints. This is the issue I’m currently wrestling

We have a pull request open, You will have to adjust profiles, but the files that we believe are necessary to have our printers on ultimaker cura are there. We will work with them to get this in the main installation asap.

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Sooooo…. Any updates ? I tried following the steps on the provided by