Print bed issue on Taz 6

Howdy, I have a Taz 6 with the upgraded magnetic flex sheet print bed. It’s been working fine for quite awhile. Very recently I have been having issues with bed adhesion. I’d get about 1/4 of the way through a print then the part would lift off the bed and the print would be ruined. I thought I’d try a different part that has a large footprint on the bed to see if that would do any better. Parts of the print started lifting off the bed on the initial layer (see image on Imgr I’m hunting for a solution to this bed adhesion problem - Album on Imgur ). I’ve tried this piece with and without glue stick. Are there any thoughts about that I should try next?




It looks like your offset it a bit too far away from the bed and will need to be lowered.

This type of tearing/lifting can be nozzle too far, as McLeach mentioned, but can also be overextrusion, or going too fast on the first layer. Have you changed brands of filament? Even if it’s the same brand, you could have gotten a little thicker filament this time, or they could have changed up the formula such that you need to re-evaluate the speeds you’re printing at.

A large, solid footprint like this leaves very little margin of error, as any extra filament has nowhere to go as it accumulates with each successive row, and if you’re slightly too high and don’t adhere to the bed, that filament is going to drag on the next row and keep it from adhering even more, and you get the same accumulation, but this time of height. Once it gets high enough to get pushed aside by the nozzle, you get a row that generally sticks to the bed again. The shorter rows at the corner have less cooling time, so they stick better to the bed and each other. Once things get long enough, you hit that critical point where failure happens.

So definitely verify your z offset, but with a footprint like this, take your speed down even more on that first layer.

Ya, I usePolyLite PLA but it looks like they’ve changed the formulation again. Though the temperature stats are the same. I’ll lower the Z axis a little and slow the first layer speed and let y’all know how it goes. Thanks for the feedback.


Wow, this was the first time I made only one adjustment and the print worked. Thanks folks.



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