Bed Adhesion or What?

So I have been printing small projects for about a year now. *I decided to do a 5 part project and it was doing really well on the first half of the project. *Then I started with these adhesion issues. *

I have a TAZ 6, using nGen ColorFab. *Recommended setup is 230c Nozzle, Bed 85c. *I use Glue Stick, from a lot, to little. *I get different results with different colors within nGen ie. Gray Metallic always has problems. *So does Silver Metallic. *Black, White and Red colors seem to work better, however I you can see in the pics I was having a good print with Black but then when I woke in the morning, it was off the bed and warped. *

I have tired 60c, 85c and 70c bed temps. *I’ve tried painters tape. *I’ve tried 245c nozzle. *I have adjusted the print first layer. *I’ve made sure the Z Axis is level. *I have adjusted the Z Offset and I have tried to adjust the first layer in the slicer. *I’m using CuraLE. *High Detail, print height 0.18 and first layers 0.36. *UGH>>>>>>>. I don’t know what to do next…


In the last picture you posted, it looks like your z-offset could use some adjustment, due to the waves that are showing in the print. This could also be why the prints aren’t sticking to well. The z-offset only affects the first layer of the print, however if it is off, then it will cause those waves that are showing up. Here is what a good first layer line should look like.

You can adjust the z-offset on the Taz through the LCD screen, by going under configuration, then advanced settings then z-offset. We recommend doing small adjustments around .05mm at a time, to help prevent the nozzle from making contact with the bed. Once you have made an adjustment to the z-offset through the LCD screen, you will want to make sure to back up a menu and store settings.

Try reducing the printing temperature by about 5C for the lighter colors to see if that helps get better results with them.

Also, try printing with a brim, to help hold the parts down on the bed to see if that helps with the warping any. You can then just pull the brim off when the print is finished.

Hey thanks so much for the response. So I did do a Z-Offset adjustment in my trouble shooting a few days ago. it was 1.14 and I only adjusted it to 1.15 as the first layer looked a little squashed. I started using a brim on the last few prints, the one with the Black filament. I was thinking that possibly the bed was too hot. Not sure.

I’ll play a bit more with the Offset and post the results here.

Thanks again…