Print bed never coming up to temperature

TAZ 4 can be controlled manually. Hot End and Bed are showing at correct temp. When I hit PRINT the LCD shows Bed Heating… forever and the printer never starts.

I tried running the printer using Repetier and watching the graphing function for the heaters. Both the Hot End and Bed are showing that they are up to temperature, but as soon as I hit PRINT the output graph for the bed heater immediately indicates zero. The temperature stays as set, the LCD screen still says the heater is on, so the heater is still powered, but the sensor that tells it it’s still powered is apparently losing signal.

HELP!!! I can’t print anything as the printer never believes it is up to temp.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Check out this thread. It might have the answer you’re looking for.


Thank you Scott. That information has me printing again!