Print outs leaning to one side?

Hi folks,

I recently update Cura to version 19.12 and also loaded firmware on my Taz 5 single 0.35 extruder.
I entered my E0 setting on the LCD panel and tried printing some things.
They are all coming out slanted, leaning up to 45 degrees on taller objects.
Has anyone else had this issue?
I checked to see if the rails the extruder travels on or the bed has been knocked out of alignment, but they are not.


Slanting which way?


Did you save your settings (on the LCD settings are temporary unless you save them). Did you put in all the settings for Estep, Zstep, Ystep…

I have a TAZ 4 I upgraded to a 5 and I have not seen this issue. I normally use Simplify 3D but I recently used the latest CURA with no problems. Slanting sounds like one of your axis is slipping (loose grub screw, loose belt…)

Attached photo…

I moved Clank’s head so the slant is not facing the way it was printed.


If you look at the robot head, the bottom few layers of the tilted side look “crunched”. Indicates the nozzle is too close to the bed. Since its only one side, check the level of the bed.

If you look at the Octopus that is still on the bed it looks like the print is shifting to the left on the X Axis.


a cube would tell the details :wink:
Anyhow I would guess as well that X is loosing steps.

All the best

I have checked that the bed is level and that rails are the same distance from the aluminum part of the bed.
While moving the extruder back and forth on the x axis controlled in Cura, I can hear a sharp bark sound on the -x direction now and then.

I never thought too much about it since I have heard it for a long time…
It does not do that in the +x direction. I have wiped the rails down with a dry towel but it still makes the noise on the second or third -x move. The belt intension seem ok to me, the same on both sides of the extruder.

I’m going to try printing a cube now.

Thanks to all those that have replied!


Hi Dave

please keep us updated. That the barking only happens in one direction is interesting :wink:

All the Best

The cube printed ok, but when trying to print Clanks head again, it printed slanted like the picture above.
I unplugged the stepper motor and then moved the extruder back and forth and noticed it was not smooth.
I took the belt off and it would move smoothly. I took the stepper motor off and removed the pulley.
I only have one screw in the pulley. The manual shows two. Anyway I did not see anything wrong with the stepper motor so I put it all back together. It now moves freely but I did not find anything as to why it would catch when I moved it before.
Going to try Clank’s head again.

Thanks every one.
I think it is working now.

Here is the Cube and Clank’s head.


Hi Dave

It is only a guess, but if you removed the Belt by loosening its ends, chances are that there was a belt tension issue.
Also a belt / pulley alignment is possible.

All the Best