Print Quality Problem


Its been a month I just got mu lulzbot taz6.
It has great looks as a ready to run 3d printer with good bed leveling feature.
However, I just printed out two parts which seemed to have problems with the layers on the outer and inner shell.

How to rectify these print quality issues ?

I think the bottom piece your idler is not tight enough and your filament is slipping. Check the idler chamber for any signs of shavings or powder. Tighten both idler arm spring bolts. It could also be z wobble, but that’s too severe to match the leadscrew so inconsistent extrusion is a more likely suspect. The top picture also shows some signs of underfeed. You also will want to measure your exact filament diameter and make sure that number is in cura. The default diameter is 2.85mm, if you are actually at 2.67mm for example, you will under extrude unless you adjust that.

Which bottom piece? can you point and tell me?
I believe it to be z wobble. the lead screw on the left side of gives jerk.
i just checked the filament diameter it is near to 2.9mm, i kep the settings at 2.85 mm.
Also now there seems to be a leveling problem too.

The bottom picture is what I meant by bottom piece. The lighter color more rounded one.

There may be some z wobble occurring, but I don’t believe it is all z wobble simply because it doesn’t continue all the way up the part. It’s rare that wobble stops midway. You can check by holding the part up against the lead Screw and seeing if the offset matches exactly. It looks more to me like your extruder is periodically extending quite a bit less than it should and then recovering. Idler tension usually causes that, but it could also be a failing heater or thermistor.

Your adhesion issue us because your z offset setting in cura needs adjusted closer.