Taz 5 low print quality

I have literally tried everything. I have been working on fixing this for about three weeks now. I am fixing it for my boss. Before I touched it, it wouldn’t even print. Now the print quality is horrible. The infill is messy and I have messed with the temperature, the z axiz, the extrusion rate, the quality, the bed leveling. I don’t know what else to do. They said that out of the box it had problems and they contacted lulzbot but they said it wasn’t their problem. Please help.

Hello tyler.curnow, in order to help you figure out what may be going on here and resolve it I would like to ask you what type, manufacturer, and diameter of filament you are using? There could be a couple things going on here depending on what filament you are using. Any additional information you can provide would help us narrow down the solution. It also looks like some of your thermistor casing may be exposed on the hot end there and there might be some filament leaking through, although that could also be a reflection and so if you can provide a couple more photos of the nozzle that would probably help even more.

In the meantime we can make sure there is not a partial obstruction in the nozzle. You can also make sure that your micro blower (the small fan pointed towards the hot end) is working and coming on at full blast as soon as you turn on the printer. If that is coming on then we can make sure that filament is able to be manually extruded just fine. To do this, bring your hot end up off the build plate and up to printing temperature. Once at temp, open your idler and using a 2.5mm hex wrench, manually push the filament through the hot end. Your filament should extrude in a solid consistent line. If nothing is able to extrude or it comes out like a “pigtail” then there is likely an obstruction that needs to be cleared. A good way to try to clear this is with cold pulls, you can find some helpful links that go over cold pulls below:



Try and check on that and post that extra information if you can. If you would prefer to troubleshoot with the Lulzbot tech support team you can also send them an e-mail to support@lulzbot.com with those pictures and information. We are always happy to help.

Ok. Im checking the extrusion right now, however the fan does not turn on right when I turn on the printer.

also the filament is only “pig tailing” when the fan is on. When it is not on, it comes out pretty ugly and not uniform.

The filament I am using is: INova 1800 chromastrand, copolyester filament.
and yes. it is leaking filament