Print Support Structure feature desperately missing from Lulzbot (mini) version of Cura.

I’m running Cura (18.04) and if there was ever a feature that needs to be added it’s an option to set the strength of the support structure. Or more accurately, the tenuousness of the connection between the support structure and the model.

Support connection: strong, medium, weak—that kind of thing.

I’m printing small, hollow disc shaped objects in PLA and it’s proving incredibly taxing to remove my support material. I hear Simplify3D’s supports are much easier to remove. I wish the same was true with Cura :frowning:

Do you need to pay the $149 and buy S3D to get removable supports?

No, you need to know how to use your Slicer :wink: Open Expert -> Open expert settings. In the right upper edge, you have everything you need. What you are looking for is the Z-contact distance.

Cheers, but I still need quite a bit of help.

I really wish the software was more turnkey. I wish it was programmed in such a manner—Easily removable support: (checkbox)

Lines or grid?

Fill amount?

What should I set z axis to? Your help will be greatly appreciated!!

The reason why there are no such checkboxes is because the needed settings depends on the used material and sometimes even on your model shape. So you have to try what works best for you.
0.05mm are to low, try 0.1 up to 0.2mm.