Tips for usable scaffolds?

Hi everyone. Newb here. I’m trying my first prints that would need a scaffold to support an overhang. Specifically. I’m trying to print

My first attempt with the Normal quick print settings in Cura, using PLA didn’t go so well. The scaffolds appear, but they’re printed so close to the part and at such a tight interval that they’re not really removable.

Any tips on how to print scaffolds that are less connected to the main part, or to print them finer so they snap off better?

I’ll try a run at high quality. Presumably a better idea for this specific part would be to cut it in half and glue it together later.


Switch to expert mode, load a medium or fine PLA profile and switch…

Expert: open expert settings: change fill amount (%) to 15%. I’ve found it’s more than enough to get good results and it makes parts supports easier to remove.

Remember to load a Lulzbot PLA profile from the lulzbot website into the expert settings before printing to ensure your printer auto levels and nozzle wipes.

Here are your profiles. Pick the one that works for you:


In addition to what Jim said, in that same popup you can adjust how close the supports are to your model, and the height of the Z gap. If the support is farther away/Z gap larger, the support is easier to remove. It is also less supportive. Fiddling with those values may be helpful with support, though if you get too aggressive, it can be harmful too.