Print with wax?

Do you think the lulzbot Taz4 could print with this wax?
We would like do lost wax casting with 3d printed objects. I have seen that people have done lost wax casting with PLA but that involves burning out plastic which could have some nasty smells or fumes. Just wondering about anyones thoughts on the idea.

It’s about 3.2mm, which is within the possible material size range for a buddaschnozzle, but you might need to modify it slightly. Looks like the printing temperature would be quite low, just 73 degrees c. That low a temperature might be difficult to maintain with a heater core set up for higher than that, but it might be fine. You would probably have to really slow the printing process down since the wax would be a thinner liquid in molten state than the plastic. Probably would have to go with a small nozzle and expect some spread until you got the hang of it, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t be feasible.

Thanks! I’m gonna give it a try but I think I’m going to wait to get a new flexisnozzle to use only with wax. I think I would run into problems if there were any abs or other plastic remnants in the nozzle.