Printing Assistance

Hello all,

I got a Lulzbot Taz 6 last week and simplified 3d and am trying to learn the ins and outs. Big stuffs not bad so far but small is hard. Here is a picture of baby groot and a gun the hands and the guns trigger area simply wont print correctly. I have it at .15 resolution, 100% infill (tried 15%) , 3000 mm/min speed and 210c temp. Any assistance would be appreciated to figure out how to get the smaller stuff working.

What type of filament? I’m guessing PLA… if so the extrusion temp may be too high and you need to increase the cooling.

different color but

i’ve tried around 205c but can do down if needed. The cooling options i’ve left at default

layer 1 0 layer 2 100 fan speed 60% etc. Any suggestions on settings ?

Hmm… the link is to a 1.75mm filament, the TAZ uses 3mm. If you’re trying to use 1.75, make sure to adjust the slicer profile.

Typically webbing from the nozzle moving from the object is not enough retraction, or the filament is being extruded too hot. From the pictures, the recommended extrusion temps are 195C to 230C… try as 197 -200C. And try .7 for filament retraction.

With small prints the extruded layer may require more cooling before the next layer is deposited. I don’t use Cura, so can’t point you in the right direction on increasing the layer delays. If there is no setting, try printing two of the objects.