Printers that use 3mm Filament

Hello, I am a teacher with a taz 3 and Mini in my classroom and looking to add a third printer but do not have the funds for another lulzbot unfortunately. Looking around at printers most seem to run 1.75mm filament. I have a lot of 3mm so would only want another printer that can use this size filament. What other printers run 3mm besides lulzbot?

It’s pretty easy to swap hotends out on most 3d printers, so many of them can be made to use 3.00mm. If you are looking for a 3rd printer as a teaching tool and not so much as a production acceleration unit. maybe look at one of the Delta designs (A Kossel or similar) THose are the large tower ones with the 3 limbed arm that use polar coordinates to print instead of cartesian. You could also look at one of the Prussia I3 or similar clones if you just want another cartesian style one inexpensivly.

Any printer that uses an E3Dv6 can be made into a 3.00mm machine for under $70.

While many printers can be changed between 3mm and 1.75mm (and vise versa) I can say from experience that the delta printers are not good candidates for 3mm.

The Bowden extruded relies on a narrow tolerance between the inside tube diameter and the filement diameter. The closest Bowden tube for 3mm filament is 3mm ID (inside diameter) while the filament diameter is actually 2.85mm. This allows too much play inside the long Bowden tube. It causes all sorts of issues with retraction and feeding.

Okay, Does anyone have a recommendation for a printer around $600 that either has a 3mm extruder or that has one that is swapable to a 3mm extruder… I do like the idea of having a Delta style printer as a different option, but not if I am going to have constant trouble running 3mm filament through.