Printing after using Weld-On #3

I was thinking about using weld-on 3 to splice filament together for different colors on the same print. Does anybody know if that would work or be a bad idea?

Hello TylerDanger,

The latest version of CURA has a pause function within. This will make transferring filament colors super easy.

I would not recommend splicing the filament together.

I hope this helps and have a great rest of the week,

If you are working with ABS you can safely splice filliament ends using heat or acetone, as long as you take care to trim the resulting join surface deformation before you run it through the extruder.

Thanks Nick! Is there a way to immediately lift the nozzle up? I use an SD card and the few extra seconds sitting in one place while I navigate to movement options can melt the print.

Do note that the M0 command works fine is printing from octoprint. I’m not sure if the full graphic display controller works the same.

Or you could insert a M600 (filament change) command in the gcode if you enable this feature in Marlin. It acts simmilar to the code discojon is linking to, but it’s simpler to use.

By the way, I wouldn’t use a home command after a filament change. It’s verly likely that the new home point is not exactly the same as the old one, resulting in a shifted layer after the swap…

I inserted the home command to account for any accidental movement of the x carriage when dealing filament. The steppers stay engaged during this swap so its a bit redundant. I’ve never had as issue with layer shift but you are right, its definitely a possibility. Doing it this way avoids the horrible noise during an M600 and also allows for a purge of the old filament for a chrisp color change.

The pause feature will remove the head up and away from the print. No more worries about the head sitting there melting the part :slight_smile:

I hope this helps,