Bad Taulman temperatures in profiles?

We have started printing with two of Taulman’s excellent filaments, t-glase and alloy 910, and quickly realised the printing temperatures suggested in the Lulzbot Cura edition (20.01) do not match those recommended by Taulman here:

Any ideas why this might be? When we reduced the t-glase from the 255 degrees suggested in Cura to 245 degrees, we got much better results in terms on strength and clarity of the material after printing.

Using a Taz 6, with the single V2.1 extruder.


Here is a link to the recommended temperatures for Cura, Taz6 :

It shows there t-glase
Extruder: 245°C

Bed: 60°C, PVA

Part Removal: 50°C
I hope this will help. Please contact if you need additional support on the profiles.

Thanks David,

I guess the ‘High strength’ Cura profile for Alloy 910 under ‘quickprint’ needs an update.

Will use the info from the link you sent in the future. Now printing very well.