Printing Flexystruder Parts Instead of Buying?

I have the stl’s for the printed parts of the flexystruder and have been wondering if anyone has just printed these, put the normal toolhead parts on it, and hooked it back up and had it work fine or if there’s other parts I’d have to buy. If there is any kind of tutorial around for doing this that’'d be awesome.

This is the assembly guide for the Flexystruder v1. The V2 is slightly different, but it gives you an idea of whats involved.

Definitely doable. :slight_smile:

Here is a link to another thread discussing this

I built my own flexistruder from the Lulzbot sources and it has worked well. (Any print flaws were from my own learning curve. :blush: )

I did not scavenge parts so I needed to purchase a new hobbed bolt, bearings, fans, and the TPFE tube. (I also purchased a set of metric drill bits, but that was a separate decision.) I also printed a new extruder mount, gears, and fan shroud so that I could quickly exchange the entire tool head.

Utilibots has a kit with all the Wade’s hardware here… if anyone is looking to build their own. They may have the PTFE tubing also… if they don’t Filastruder has the 4mm O.D. tubing.