Use V2 dule extruder head parts for a diferent head?

I am planning on selling my V2 duel extrusion head. Before I do, a question. Are there enough parts in there that I should save it to rebuild into something else. Some day I would like a LulzBot TAZ Flexystruder Tool Head v2 with the all metal hot head. Could I print some parts and build one from my V2?

Thanks All

Sure. All you need is to print the extruder body and swap the nozzle to a .6mm.

Before you print the flexystruder body, search the forums or thingiverse for modified extruder bodies which work with semiflex filaments. No extra tubing required. Typically these modified extruders have a tighter filament path tolerance after the hobbed bolt preventing the softer filament from escaping the path or getting sucked into the hobbed bolt.