Printing HIPS on the TAZ3

Hello, I just finished my test print with my TAZ 3. Originally I had all kinds of problems including a clogged nozzle, shorting out the thermosister, and failed prints. So I switched to a 0.5 mm nozzle and uploaded a predetermined printer profile setting from another printer that I had purchased recently and gave it a shot. The TAZ was a hard walnut to crack, but I think the settings, speed, and temps, are as crucial as the leveling/calibration process.

Looks like you’re definitely getting the hang of it! Not sure what this object is, but it reminds me of a seat for a race car or roller coaster :slight_smile:

For Slic3r configurations, don’t forget we have default ones available on our website that you can load right into Slic3r, for different resolutions, speeds, materials, etc.! They are available here:

Edit: The filament one uses also matters. We strongly encourage use of our filament, the thing to look out for others is varying filament diameter and varying material quality. It may be helpful to test it with LulzBot filament ( to make sure everything is properly tuned in!