SOLVED: TAZ 5 Shifting first couple of layers

I don’t recall when this started or whether it’s been doing this since I got the printer and I’m only really noticing it now.

The first 2.5mm or so of all prints are slightly shifted on every single print that I do. The shift happens both in X and Y but oddly, it’s not the same distance of shift on both sides of the print.

I’ve attached a bunch of pics because I can’t come up with decent words to describe it. I’ve tried playing with belt tightness on the X axis and nothing has changed.

This print was PLA but I get the same issue when I print with ABS too. Temperature variation doesn’t make a difference, neither does slowing it down.

any ideas?

A lot of details left out but I’m curious what would happen if you bump the filament diameter to 3.0mm, flow to 100%, and start the fan on full at layer 2 (for the PLA at least.

Looks kind of like over extrusion and/or the plastic hasn’t had enough time to cool/bed temp too high, etc.

Check for loos belts and/or connection point on on the X-carriage and bed.

Also check the motor pulley setscrews.

The print I showed is black Formfutura - I’ve measured the filament diameter and it’s the 2.79mm average from measuring over a 11 points so I suppose I could up the flow marginally since it’s currently at 100%. Fan turns on on the second layer with PLA and not at all with ABS.

I would disagree because after it gets to about 2.5mm on the z, it straightens out and prints nicely from then up with no change to anything

Possibly but it doesn’t seem to make a difference with different temperatures or filaments.

The reason I limited detail is because I’ve printed with at least 6 different filaments with bed temps from 50-110 and filament temps from 190-230 and the shift is still there

Reason I suggested those options was because I saw the same using PLA and ABS then settled it out after lots of printing after only changing one thing at a time. Filament diameter, flow settings, temps, etc. sometimes it isn’t what you think.

Also, how confident are you in how accurate your z-offset setting is? When you print a 20x20x20 what are the measurements?

All belts are fairly tight - they don’t twang with a high pitch but they’re also not particularly floppy either - do you have a youtube video that I can watch and listen to to make sure my tension is good?

I’m not sure if I’m communicating properly - I set the print to go and leave it and don’t change the settings at all during the print and consistently get the behavior as attached.

You are. But, it is amazing how molten plastic behaves…

In case anyone else ever has this problem, I’ve solved it.

when u/DougZ mentioned z-offset so I looked at my bed. The springs on the left were tight all the way down while those on the right were not compressed much at all. Also, the z endstop screw was screwed all the way in too. Turns out - my x-axis was lopsided and compensated for by the wonky bed.

Now it’s so much better.