Printing joints/moving parts

Hello all,

first off, I’m sorry if there’s already a post about this, tried a few keywords but didn’t find anything like this.

I have a TAZ 4 and I think I got the leveling, overhangs etc. kind of figured out I still have massive problems with printing moving parts in one piece (for example: or ). I’ve seen people on these forums print them no probs, but I just can’t get them to print and be moving, there’s always some part that gets fused together that makes it not move.

Other stuff I print fairly okay, the only thing I haven’t calibrated are the esteps/mm but since I don’t have overall problems I didn’t see the need to touch that.

The problem with these jointed parts is I have no idea what to tweak hardware/slicer wise to manage to print them? What parameters can affect it?

Thanks in advance

Print in place joints can be difficult…

Check that your not over extruding, and that the extrusion temps aren’t too high… Slowing down the print speeds could also improve print accuracy.

Another item to check is your initial Z height and initial layer width/height. If you are too close to the bed or putting out too wide of a line it will squish out sideways. While this is good for first layer adhesion to prevent parts from popping off, this “squish” can fill the intended gaps of the design. Reducing first layer width and increasing the distance from your head to the plate should help if it is getting caught in those first few layers.