Printing Profile for Polymake Polymide CoPA

We started printing with Polymaker’s New Filament Polymide™ CoPA - it’s a warp free nylon and we’re loving it. I just wanted to see if anyone had a printing profile that for it so I don’t have to keep in the spec’s every time in to Cura.

Also open to any tip or tricks

We’re hoping to evaluate that filament soon. Watch this folder for our testing notes:

Once a filament passes our extensive internal testing we’ll develop slicing profiles for Cura LE, and will include them in the new Cura LE version when released. We’d love to see some of your prints, and see your settings if you’d like to submit them for consideration.

AWESOME. I really like this filament but have issue with the nozzle getting clean which I think could be solved with a printing profile.

I used Polymlite PLA high detail setting but up’d the nozzle temp to 255 and turned off the cooling fan.
The prints were beautiful, just had a hard time getting them off the print bed.
Elmers glue solved a the small issue of filament not sticking to plate, but also contributed to part being a B*?@h to get off.

The photos are of the part I’m making.

Glad to hear it is printing well! Nylons are one of the stronger materials we have tested, and are looking forward to trying out new blends.

If you started with a PLA profile, the wiping temp will probably be too low to get your nozzle clean. The idea is to get the hot end warm enough to be cleaned, but not hot enough to ooze plastic. For PLA, this is right about 140c depending on the blend. Some of the other nylons we carry we have wiping and probing in the 185c-200c range.

You can update the wiping and probing temp of your profile under the Material option. Once you have those updated along with whatever other changes you would like to keep, go to Quality -> Create profile from current settings/overrides. It is really helpful when developing profiles for new filament.

where is material option??
I looked in Lulzbot cura and couldn’t find it.

Which version of Cura are you running? This is included in Cura 2.6.69 but is not present in Cura 21.08.

In Cura 2.6.69 after switching to “custom” on the prepare tab, there will be a materials drop down section. Within that section, you will see a soften, wipe, and probe option. This is a feature that wasn’t present in our older version of Cura, and makes it a lot easier to adjust.

In Cura 21.08 you will need to manually change your start gcode. By going to advanced settings, than selecting the start gcode you can modify these lines:

M109 R160 ; soften filament for z homing
G28 Z ; home Z
M104 S150 ; wipe temp

By changing the M104 S150 -> M104 S185 you will increase your wiping temperature from 150c to 185c and should give you a cleaner nozzle for probing.