Printing small parts

Trying to print some small parts with pla. Overall the prints are great but looks like the first layers are being squished onto the bed. I really like the bed adhesion but in small parts, this seems to effect the first layers quite bad. Any suggestions? Tried a raft, helped but not quite. The first layers quality is far away from the last layers quality

Could you post a few photos of the bottom layer of your prints and what the skirting around a print looks like on the print bed? That will give an idea of if the z-offset is okay or if it is too low. If your z-offset is too low but you are concerned about bed adhesion you can try doing a bed conditioning to allow for better adhesion to the PEI sheet without over squishing your first layer.

I just switched to ABS. Quite happy with the print. However I can see how I might have issues with small parts.
I am curious whether I have a z-offset problem or this is just a design decision made to improve consistency of success.

Some images of a recent abs print, removed the skirt and print from the bed but hope it helps.

Your offset looks good in those photos. You really shouldn’t need to adjust your z-offset very often at all unless it was overridden by some sort of software update. For the most part small adjustments to the amount of squish on your bottom layer can be achieved by using the Initial Layer Flow Rate %.

Thanks a lot for the confirmation and the tip :slight_smile: . Will experiment with initial layer flow rate