Initial layers mis-printing problem

Sorry If this is a super noob issue but I wasn’t able to find a solution in the forums from searching.

I’m having an issue where the first 10 or so layers of a print are kind of messed up. They look almost semi melted and not perfect lines. However its not a problem anywhere else in the print other than those first few lines. Does anyone what might be causing this? I dont believe this was an issue when I first started printed but has become more pronounced.

Just in case it helps I’m using eSun PLA with extruder temperature at 200 and the bed at 65.

Does it go through the bed leveling ok? Sounds as if the nozzle is not close enough or its too close to the bed. A picture sometimes is worth a 1,000 words :smiley:

It does seem to be doing the auto level process. Here are a few pictures of the issue.

You are either too close to the bed at start and need to change your Z offset amount setting in Cura, or you are overextruding at start slightly due to an incorrect filament diameter set in Cura.

Edit: you may also be getting some lifting of the part off the bed, increase the bed temperature by 5 degrees.

To amplify what piercet said, you find the setting he is talking about in Cura by selecting “machine” from the top level menu, then “machine settings” and adjusting the “Z-Offset” in the popup. Raise is positive, lower is negative. You might want to try raising it 0.1 mm at a time to see if it improves matters.

Thank you guys for the advice. I’m going to try it today and will report back my results.

I’m getting an issue all the sudden that looks a lot like this, but about 3-4mm up. The bottom layers go fine, but I get a few layers that look like those pics in the middle. The height it happens at is consistent, as is the height of the error. I was thinking I might be over extruding, so I’ll try changing that. However, I thought there might be other things to check as well.

Mine is doing this as well.
I just changed over to ABS for the first time this weekend. Been printing PLA as I learned.
I may have seen a slight bit of this with PLA, but with ABS, it looks like the 1 to 3mm range on a big part is bad. I’d go as far as to say it might even be shrunk up a little. I printed the big herringbone gear in black ABS, and the side that was next to the plate is obviously smaller. The holes also seem to have a bad finish in them near the plate surface. Above that, the finish is outstanding. I am doing 0.1mm layers, 0.3mm first layer, 100% first width. I have 2.85 as my filament diameter as that is what it measured, and I am doing 100% feed rate.
I played around with a 10x15 rectangle, 5mm tall for a few prints to get things happy, but this bigger gear part looks pretty bad.
I’ll try to replicate the error on a smaller item, and then play with Z axis offset.
Are there any other settings that would have a positive effect? I’m doing 240 hot end over a 110 bed. ESun ABS. Fan at Lulzbot ini settings for ABS profile.
Thanks for any help!