Printing Taz3 to Taz5 upgrade parts with a LulzMini?

Hello all,

I don’t have access to a CAD program at this time and ive had the question as to if all the parts needed to upgrade a taz3 to a taz5 could be printed on the Lulzbot Mini? Are all the taz 5 printed parts small enough to fit within the mini’s build volume of (6in x 6in x 6.2in)

Thanks all, I await your responses

The only one you can’t print is the stock metal X to Z axis plates. There is however a printable modification that stiffens and thickens that part and merges it with the stock style motor and idler pieces to create a stiff enough assembly that can be printed. Everything else you can print or source. the leadscrews are the other tricky bit to get ahold of. There are some “how to” guides, and that X to Z axis piece shown in the "comprehensive Taz Modification sticky thread. Expect to run a few electrical cables as well, specifically at least the one for the required hexagon cooling fan.

The Z smooth rod and lead screw support pieces that mount on the top left and right corners of the machine will not fit on the Mini. All the other printed parts fit.

won’t they fit diagonally?

I don’t think so. I am sure I printed on the Taz for a reason…

You made me doubt myself! It is just a bit too wide to make it.

Wow! Excellent replies everyone, thanks so much. This is very helpful and hopefully others will find these replies helpful