Printing with Wood Filament on the Lulzbot Mini

Hi Everyone. I am just wondering if anyone has used the Laywoo-D3 Wood filament from (

I have the Lulzbot mini and it comes with the .35mm nozzle. Filaments recommends using a .5mm nozzle to prevent clogging. I don’t really want to buy a new nozzle end just to use this filament. Has anyone had a problem printing with this material on the .35mm nozzle.

I appreciate any feedback.


The particle embedded fillaments will clog the smaller nozzles. Some of them are also fairly abrasive and will wear down the inner lining quicker than normal and turn your .35mm nozzle into a .37ishmm nozzle, etc.

Did you make any modifications to your Mini’s hotend? Our Minis come stock with a 0.5mm nozzle.

If you did switch this to a 0.35mm nozzle, I would stay away from it. The Laywoo-D3 that we sell can be up to 60% wood fiber, and it can really clog the smaller nozzle sizes.

Its a stock mini. All mini’s from the start come with a .5 extruder? Oops

Thanks Brent for the info. This was my fault as I mis-informed myself on the nozzle size. I havent swith the nozzle and the mini I have does have the correct nozzle size of .5mm.

I will look at the Laywoo more and will probably order.

Thanks for your help and information.