Laywoo-D3 Wooden Filament

Some sample prints with our Laywoo-D3 wooden filament and a 0.5mm nozzle:

The Laywoo-D3 filament has a melting characteristic to PLA (180C-220C) and contains approximately 40% recycled wood. It can be sanded, drilled, glued and cut and reacts very similarly to wood. By varying the temperature at which you extrude you can control the coloration. Extruding at higher temperatures will cause it to darken. We have not encountered any warping during out test prints.

Shiny! :slight_smile:

Edit: It’s wood, so I guess it’s not shiny. Grainy!

The side of the truck bed looks like a pretty big area to print without support material! Impressive!

Ya, the wood is really easy to work with. It’s fun. :slight_smile:

is a 0.5mm nozzle needed? or is .35mm ok

In that case it was 0.5mm nozzle. I believe it will work fine with 0.35mm too.

Finally got around to experimenting with this. Reports from elsewhere suggest trouble at 0.35mm nozzle diameters.,178967,178967

I started with 0.5mm.

Would anyone like to share slic3r configs they used when printing with this?

I’m particularly interested in Retraction; this stuff seems to drop out of the nozzle far more easily than regular PLA. I think I am seeing a need for more aggressive, or at least fairly different, retractor configuration, in order to avoid extra filament in some places and gaps in others.