Prints delaminating

Guys, I’m using ProtoPasta ABS, and just recently I am starting to get splitting of the layers during the print. I haven’t changed any settings so am puzzled as to why this has started to happen. I don’t have bed adhesion issues, the splitting seems to be happening after the bottom layers are laid down.

Any ideas?


Can you give a little more information about your setup? Are you using an enclosure?

Also, what are you printing? Something large? Whats your environmental situation? Controlled?

Pictures are worth a 1000 words too ; )

Are you using a heated enclosure? Also, are there any drafts in the room? ABS will start to warp and split if it is cooled to quickly and having an enclosure helps prevent that from happening. If you are using an enclosure you might try heating it up before starting your print with a hair dryer or something similar, just to help prevent the part from being over cooled.

Print a little hotter… increase the extrusion temp by a 2-3C. And make sure to keep the cooling to a minimum.

The higher extrusion temp will help bonding of the ABS with the previous layer. The lack or less cooling further encourages the bonding.

If you’ve adjusted flow rate or multiplier for dimensional accuracy, try increasing by a 1-2%. Thicker extrusion will again help with bonding.

An enclosure will help as everyone has suggested. A make shift enclosure can be create by draping a blanket over the printer. Make sure the tent doesn’t interfere with printer movement or the print. Increasing the ambient temps will allow the ABS to cool slower and reduce the contraction/shrinking effect.

Unfortunately, its a trial and error approach since everyone’s printing environment is unique.