Printed a vessel approx. 114mm tall. It prints great until about 50 to 76mm tall and starts to delaminate on the outside but not the inside. The problem is only about 20 to30mm long with a very slight gap, about the thickness of a piece of paper. Printing with ABS, nozzle 232 deg. and bed at 85 deg. Layer height .2mm. Speed 30mm/s. Is this common or is there a way to fix or prevent?

Anytime you encounter splitting with ABS it is typically due to the part/layers shrinking while cooling. Enclosing the printer helps with larger/taller prints. Would you mind sharing a picture of the print/splitting? There are some enclosure examples here: Since ABS has the inherent material property of shrinking while cooling, you may want to try priting that object with our HIPS 3D printer filament or our PLA 3D printer filament. These materials will print with very little warp/splitting.

thanks! :smiley:

Is there a good material for filling delamination cracks? I would prefer something that is as close to ABS as possible so that the rate of material removal while sanding is the same.

Plastic models are made of A slightly softer grade of ABS, but I find that plastic model filler putty works reasonably well for that. It can be found in most hobby stores. I tend to use the squadron brand stuff when I can find it.

I have heard of people using this, I have yet to try it.

So sorry for the delay on getting a picture. As you can see there is delamination about midway up. Two piece construction with bottom and top lid. Printed at separate times. Everything else seems to be fine. Smoothing method might be a good option for this. Any other suggestions?

You could glue that split with plastic model cement easily enough. ABS vapor also would work well.