Probe Leveling Fails after printer is idle for XX hours. Only fixed by power cycling

I have to power cycle my Taz 6 after finishing a print or probe leveling will always fail. Its been a bit since I’ve printed back-to-back things, so im not sure how long until it reaches this failure state - it usually sits idle for 12-24 hours. Thoughts?

Works great after power cycling, no issues.

This sounds like bed leveling compensation stack up that occurs when using old start gcode with new firmware. From our software release notes:

Marlin 1.1.9 requires a start gcode change to prevent compensation stack up with bed leveling. M420 S0 before wiping/probing has been added, and M420 S1 after G29 to prevent this issue.

Go ahead and check out your start gcode to ensure those commands are there!