I need help, got a used TAZ 6 and i think it is broken. (pictures are included)

this piece fell out of the printer

Do you know where it came from? It looks like the part that the Y Axis belt wraps around to return (the belt running between the 2 steel bars the print head rides on).

Do you have another 3d printer? Luckily, most Taz parts are printable and the gcode is available, once you can identify it.

yes it was from that Y axis belt
i do have a da vinci Mini from XYZ and have had it for a while

i also don’t know what is supposed to be in the third picture

should i take the whole thing apart? or should i just look for all the broken parts?

It looks like it’s either A) The PTFE Tube holder or B) The filament spool holder.
Both are unnecessary for printing, and both are printable parts. If it’s on the right rear, it’s the PTFE holder. If it’s on the right/front, it’s the spool holder that flips down.

The parts are all located here: http://devel.lulzbot.com/TAZ/Olive/production_parts/printed_parts/

I believe it’s the “tippy feed tube holder” (PTFE Tube holder) or “spool arm”. I’m not sure about the part name for the Y axis belt holder

I wouldn’t take it all apart. There’s a lot of parts. I’d try replacing the y belt thing that holds the 2 bearing cases and see if you can get it working before doing more. I’d hold off on the PTFE tube holder/filament spool holder as they aren’t required for printing. I assume you have some sort of external spool holder you could use.

I’m sorry you have to deal with this. I wonder how well they packed it, or if they sold you a broken unit. Either way…

yes i do have an external spool holder, and to clarify, take it apart first or see if it works first?

Your third photo showed a broken part on the side of the frame. That part is almost certainly the arm that holds the filament spool. It isn’t essential … but you need some way to hold filament.

Every 3D printable part for your printer is available for download from LulzBot’s website: devel.lulzbot.com

But the TAZ 5 (codename Juniper) 3D printed parts are here:


One of the parts looks like it’s probably the “spool arm”.

The other part (your first part) looks like the Y-Axis bearing holder.

If your Y-axis belt isn’t attached to the pully then you won’t be able to print anything. The belts have to be attached and fairly tight. Do you have anyone nearby with a 3D printer that might be able to print a replacement?

and to clarify, take it apart first or see if it works first?

I’d just print the bearing holder for the Y axis and replace it, then try to print. I wouldn’t start taking things apart unless you absolutely have to and I’d start by just seeing if replacing that one part fixes the main problem. If it doesn’t fix it, then yeah, you’ll have to start digging more.

It seems all of the damage was done to the components on the right side of the frame. There may not be anything else wrong. I hope the frame is straight and squared. If for some reason it’s not, here’s the guide to square it: https://ohai.lulzbot.com/project/squaring-taz-6-frame/

Y Bed Idler

spool arm (if needed)